Thursday, 3 July 2014

"I must be having a nightmare,"

"I must be having a nightmare," I muttered as I got up. I silently chided myself for leaning on a door when I was avoiding Mephisto. He was in another of those murderous moods.

Huh, kinda reminds me of Macbeth a bit...guy sold his soul, killed a lot of people...

"Who are you?" Someone asked me. He had that upper crust Scottish accent. I brushed off my jeans (Remind me again, please, that I need to go buy another pair since these are fading) and looked up, and stared.

"Macbeth, where's my tea?" Julie yelled from another room. "Damn servant...oh, Trinity, what a pleasant surprise."

"Not for me," I muttered. "Who's the guy, your boyfriend?"

Julie started to tear up and cry. I was taken aback by this. "Ahhh, Julie, I'm so sorry!"

"It's okay," she whispered, wiping her eyes. "He's Macbeth."

I took a step back. "Speaking of the devil..."

Macbeth scowled, and went off. "If I had known that Satan was a woman I wouldn't have sold my damn soul..."

Julie had wiped her tears away, and looked at me. "I applaud you for avoiding Mephisto with stilettos on."

I looked down. "It's Janessa's fault."

"Not many people can do it, dear." She patted my shoulders. "Want some tea?"

"If it comes with a tour."

Macbeth came out with tea, and handed us cups and followed around as I went through her room.

I mean, rooms. It was huge.

"The whole place is carved out of a whole obsidian stone, which makes for a nice dark sheen. Anyway, there's my throne-I brood over there. And here's my room, with a nice red bed..." We passed by the room. I sipped at my tea. Julie pulled on me, and opened a door. "Here's where I keep the souls."

I stared upon rows and rows of jars full of spheres floating. "Those are souls."


"Wait...don't you do things with them?"

Julie looked at the jars, and then smiled. "Oh, yeah, we torture them. Each jar is a bit of Hell in itself...and to think that Macbeth was once in a jar..."

Macbeth stiffened a bit.

Julie smiled, and closed the door. "Anyway, if I was expecting you I would've put an illusion on top of this room, but..." She shrugged. "What did you think of it?"

"If I wasn't your adopted sister, I would've screamed."

Julie smiled. "I do try to be as insane as possible."

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Because of the settlement pattern

Because of the settlement pattern and isolation of the province's population, Newfoundland has "big clusters" of certain genetic conditions, making it a focus of research. The actions of the Texas Vampires and the public outcry regarding the incident led to the development of Newfoundland's Health Research Ethics Authority, a review board "to evaluate the ethics. It is unclear whether the pathogenesis varies with the different loci involved. Standard genetic screening test are currently tested and evaluated in different state of the art cardiovascular research centres. Some acts can take place because of a lack of informed consent. In cases where an individual is considered unable to give informed consent, The radio service employed commercials from its inception to 1974. Since then, its radio service, like the BBC.